Camp Autism WA is a not for profit organisation, with all funds raised being directed back to benefit our members.

We provide the opportunity for families with a child/ren on the Autism Spectrum to attend weekend camps and day events in a non judgemental environment and can be attended and enjoyed by all members of the family.

Activities organised are to encourage social interaction, exploration of the senses and to learn new skills all whilst having fun. More importantly, you are able to connect with other families in a similar situation.

Since becoming incorporated in July 2012, Camp Autism WA has gone from strength to strength. The rapid increase of fundraising has allowed us to create the day events such as; Christmas Party, Easter Party, Parents event and school holiday catch ups.



Memberships are current from 1st Jan to the 31st Dec each year.

If joining or renewing $1 per family is applicable.

What do my family and I get by becoming members?

Camp Autism provides most of the activities on camp at no cost to you.  In most cases the accommodation that we have sourced is discounted.  We hold events that you, as a member, will be invited to including our Christmas Party, Dad's event, Mum's event and other gatherings throughout the year. 

How can the fees be paid?

Direct Deposit (In Bank/Online)

  Bank:                ANZ
  BSB:                 016-352
  Account No:       378743826
  Account Name:  Camp Autism WA Inc

  Please ensure the reference used for the payment is the surname and initial of the parent.


Camp dates and destinations are released towards the end of the year. To nominate to attend camps, complete the form on the Members only page. Only current financial members will be advised of the log in details to the Members only page.

Working with Children Check

It is a legal requirement that every person over the age of 18years must have a valid Working With Children Check to attend our camps. The cost is about $11.00.  Whilst there is an exemption for parents volunteering with regards to an activity involving their children, however this exemption DOES NOT apply to overnight camps.  More information about the WWCC can be found at:

If you need to apply for a Working with Child Check a board member will need to sign your application. Please check for the closest board member to where you reside to arrange for the application/s to be signed.

Who can go on a camp?

Any family who have a current financial membership and have WWCC for all person's wanting to attend who are aged 18 yrs. + can APPLY to attend a camp. Be aware that some camps do “sell out”, so applying for a camp does not guarantee you a spot.

Funding to attend camps

Funding at this stage through Carelink is very much dependent on where you reside. Camp Autism is striving to find a way to make funding accessible to all members. Their phone number is 1800 052 222


Transportation to and from camps and events are the responsibility of the member.


A deposit for each camp is required to secure your position at the camp. Please check the camp details for the deposit amount and due date. Failure to pay the deposit by the due date may result in your camp spot being cancelled and offered to any members on the waiting list. If you are applying for funding, you must ensure you notify the President by the due date.

How can the camp deposit be paid?

Direct Deposit

  Bank:                ANZ
  BSB:                 016-352
  Account No:       378743826
  Account Name:  Camp Autism WA Inc

Please ensure the reference used for the payment is the surname and initial of the parent.

What do I take on camp and are meals included?

Every camp is different. We provide many meals for some camps and very few meals for others. It is very much dependent on the size and location of the camp. And similarly different items need to be packed for different camps. To solve this problem we issue ALL camp goers with a camp itinerary giving details of included meals, activities and suggestions on what to bring, approx. 1 to 2 weeks prior to all camps.



How do I volunteer to help Camp Autism?

There are numerous ways in which any member can help. We are always looking for volunteers to help out at fundraising events e.g. Quiz Night, Run for a Reason etc

If you are unable to help out fundraisers, then just attending events is also helping, A strong member presence is great for creating awareness of our organisation.

We also need helpers at camps. Sometimes just someone to flip burgers, other times it may be to supervise a group of children doing a craft activity. If you are at a camp and want to help, make yourself known to those board members who are attending the camp.

At this point in time, Camp Autism WA is unable to accept any volunteering assistance from non members at camps.